Your mission and the ‘sip pitch’

A friend of mine, a consummate networker, was recently describing the ‘sip pitch’ to me.

It’s used when you meet a stranger at a business or social event.

The sip pitch is the time it takes for a stranger you are speaking with, to take a drink after they have asked you what your company does.

In those couple of seconds, your sip pitch will either pique their interest and result in further conversation.

Or they will be looking over your shoulder for someone else to speak with.

It’s a tool in the capital-hungry entrepreneur’s armoury, more than something of day-to-day use to most of us.

But the ability to succinctly summarise what your company is all about in one sentence is of untold value.

So the sip pitch is useful to all of us.

Imagine if you could convey your company’s purpose, it’s mission, in one sentence, in a compelling way.

How many minds would that stick in?

How easy would it be to bring all your people on board with the aims of the business?

For example, we worked long and hard on Ethical Corporation’s sip pitch. If someone asks me what we do, I say:

“Business intelligence for sustainability”.

Not perfect, but it either piques the interest, or you move on. At least it’s short and clear. There is surely value in that.

P.S. As an aside, why do mission and values statements on even the good corporate websites have to be so long and impenetrable? What’s wrong with a one line mission, two lines on the culture, and six bullet points on core values? Surely if you can’t say it in that format, or something similar, you can’t remember it easily…

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