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Why companies do NOT build brands through strategic CSR

For a conference at which I am speaking for five minutes (yes five minutes!) later this year I have been asked to write four bullet points on the speaking topic of “Brand building through strategic CSR”.

Here are my four bullets. I won’t have much time to say a lot more than this, but will try to use some examples when I do:

•    You don’t build your brand through strategic CSR
•    You build your brand by doing smart business
•    Smart business means ongoing and constant stakeholder engagement and change management
•    Companies who get that right, innovate and grow. Those that don’t, stagnate

I would add to this: “Strategic CSR doesn’t really exist. Only business strategy does” but that’s just a slight variation on the above.

A simple post, but it’s a hot day here in London.

And you are all on holiday anyhow, according to my blog traffic this last week.

Wherever you are, enjoy the break, I’m sure you earned it.

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  1. I would add. Trust builds brands.
    Barbara Kimmel, Executive Director
    Trust Across America – Trust Around the World