Who is best at authentic, corporate reputation in the USA?

As part of our commitment at Ethical Corporation to try and ‘mainstream’ corporate responsibility, (and to make some money and grow our business too) we’re hosting a conference in March 2012 in NY on how the best companies build and preserve their reputations through authentic, transparent actions and communications.

If you know any company who is good at that, or an individual who has a good story to tell, please let my colleague Hayley Dunn know: Hayley.Dunn@usefulsocialmedia.com.

So far we have about ten companies sending very senior executives. It should be an interesting conference which we also plan to host in London in 2012.

Confirmed to speak include: Verizon, Siemens Corporation, GE, Caesars Entertainment, Chubb Corporation, REI, Best Buy, AIG, Virgin Atlantic.

I am fascinating by the evolution of crisis management away from old school PR and towards real solutions and honest debate.

Amongst all the bad news, it’s one shaft of light in the business landscape.

Look forward to comments. (saying that has no doubt cursed this post to get none at all! Help me out here… as the New Yorkers would say, “What am I, chopped liver over here?”.

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  1. Google, Starbucks, Timberland, Southwest Airlines, Stonyfield Farm would be at or near the top of my list.

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