Where in the world is SME eco-innovation taking place?

As some readers know, with some colleagues at Stakeholder Intelligence (my other company) I am co-authoring a report for the United Nations Environment Programme on eco-innovation in SMEs around the world.

We’ve been scouring the planet for our ten forthcoming case studies. So I thought I’d share with you where we are getting the most leads, and case studies so far.

I’m not saying this is a rock solid analysis, but we have cast a wide net.

So far we have found most examples in Brazil, Mexico, Cambodia, Thailand, Kenya, India and Vietnam, in our selected areas, all related to agri-foods, chemicals and metals products and production techniques (a wide-ish brief).

Does this mean much? Possibly not, but I thought it was interesting enough to mention.

The brief for the report is below and linked here. Any further ideas, please let me know.

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