When forced partnership can really make a difference

This piece, published a week or so ago on our site, shows just how much can be achieved when conditions are right for a coalition to tackle a sustainability issue:

Amazon soy and deforestation: Collaboration delivers for Greenpeace and Cargill

A Brazilian ban on buying soybeans from illegally deforested areas in the worlds largest standing forest has seen a sharp drop in land clearance to grow the country’s largest cash crop, non-governmental groups such as Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund say.

Now, it’s easy to say that the partnership, pushed on the Brazillian companies by Greenpeace, has had these results all by itself. But as noted, other factors, including commodities prices/demand, play a major role.

Nevertheless, it seems fair to say the deal cut has both delivered some good results and set an example of others to follow. Logging and ranching will be a far harder challenge, I sense.

P.s. For a ten page briefing on Brazil, in our latest issue, go here.

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