What’s the best use of $50 in corporate responsibility?

I’d like to say that it’s a subscription to the world’s leading business magazine and website on the topic.

But that wouldn’t be true. 400-500,000 words a year of management insight and incisive commentary just does not come at $50.

Instead I think it might be this book “Corporate Responsibility” by Blowfield and Murray.

Or it could be: “Business Ethics: Managing corporate citizenship and sustainability in the age of globalization” by Crane and Matten.

(Earlier editions also seem to be available second hand on Abebooks.co.uk here and here.

Or is there a better use of $50?

I can’t think of one. These seem to be the two most comprehensive books on the topic that I have seen.

I’d suggest reading both of them. We’d all learn a lot.

A cracking read: Pace, intrigue, and a surprising twist

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  1. Hi Toby,

    I'll be interested to read those books. I really enjoyed Jason Saul's Social Innovation, Inc.

    I might offer another suggestion…a $50 GlobalGiving gift card. Corporations give them to stakeholders so that they can choose among grassroots projects for social good from around the world.

    Kind regards,

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