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What would you want from an eight week online training course on CR/Sustainability?

Back in April I mentioned I was thinking of launching an online course on corporate sustainability.

I had a huge response (huge to me anyhow) to the idea, with more than 50 emails from various folks expressing interest.

So I’m moving ahead with the idea, in partnership with another company whose founder will be very familiar to you all no doubt. More on that in due course.

Meanwhile, here’s a draft outline.

1.      Introduction and the business case

2.      Reporting

3.      Investors

4.      Supply chains and human rights

5.      Reputation, marketing and communications

6.      Business and NGOs

7.      Employees

8.      Making it happen for your business 

It can’t be more than eight weeks long, or we’ll all lose the will to live. But done well, and at the right price, it seems there is some demand out there for this.

All comments, as usual, most appreciated.


  1. Great idea – I would add a section on: Influencing skills and organisational change.

    In my experience, this is a critical skill that sustainability pros are often either lacking or not focusing enough on.


  2. We've just run a modular Sustainability Exec Programme over 6 weeks. Delegates got together for a full day every second week. Very positive feedback, but too much travelling. I think online a better idea.

    Most enjoyed was the training in specific tools and processes that helped practitioners to: focus their strategy, identify and manage performance metrics, structure reports, and analyse stakeholder relationships (i.e. the dynamic links between them). They also enjoyed a focus on their personal sustainability as practitioners and how change works in organisations.

    For me, it is less about what is covered, and more about how it is covered. Practical tools, cases and edgy discussion make the course worth attending.

    Here's the outline:

  3. What would be make this course appealing to me is an online highly participatory method targeting people with previous experience but interested in sharing existing and new ideas, learning from you but also from the other participants, creating a kind of community for sharing practices and methods. I would say consider the participant as an asset and leverage their experience as well. Most of us are not responsible within in our company for all the issues listed but have to deal with those as part of our function. The head of marketing does not supervise supply chain but need to know how it does function and what are the risks/opportunities there. It would be a plus to exchange on how each role and sector deal with the final topic of sustainable business. And yes reasonable price or most company will not sponsor their staff to enrol.

  4. Yes, great idea Toby. Would be very interested in it. Agree with Perrine's suggestion, and maybe also something on the limits of CR – i.e. can business help address any social cause (where Jason Saul is heading to a degree in Social Innovation Inc), or are there limits to where the market can intervene (Michael Sandel in What Money Can't Buy)?