What we are writing about in Ethical Corporation’s next issue

Toby here, the alleged overall editor.

At the moment at Ethical Corporation we are trying to figure out what to write about for our December issue. Its a tough one, since there is so much going on.

Couple of stories that might make it – the rise of the ethical superbrand and what happens when Indian firms take over Western firms. (Corus just accepted a bid for the company from Tata, a well known Indian conglomerate with an excellent ethics reputation)

Other stories we are discussing writing about include companies that are investing in North Korea, Hong Kong corporate governance, (lots of Chinese firms listing in HK right now) and how countries in Central and Eastern Europe compare with other developing nations on transparency and disclosure.

We’ve also just run a whole bunch of articles on the main site (and more to come in the November issue) about the recent Global Reporting Initiative conference in Amsterdam and the launch of the G3 guidelines.

More soon, feel free to post your views on GRI, or other matters!

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