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Welcome to the new look blog

Dear readers, I hope you like the new look blog. The blogger.com template had become too unreliable.

It turns out some readers may not have been getting the updates I thought they were, via email. So if that is the case, my apologies, I blame my own ineptitude and the complexity of Blogger/Feedburner, which we have now moved away from.

Blogger.com has become yet another product Google offered, got us hooked into, then withdrew all support to, presumably for financial reasons, without any transparency.

Still, it’s good that I’m not bitter, and so we’ve moved to WordPress and huge thanks for that to Mallen Baker my friend and colleague at Daisywheel. Mallen also created and looks after the Innovation Forum main site, and I would heartily recommend him and Daisywheel if you need a good digital agency.

Look forward to any feedback on the new look and feel and to your continued readership and comments!



  1. Helen

    Nice new look. So glad you aren’t bitter! Wondered where you had gone.

  2. My aim is to bring you and Mallen together in Istanbul in March 2016 to discuss the most complex issues erate facing at the RepMan Forum 2016…

  3. Tom

    Welcome back, looking forward to more of blog

  4. Janette Martell Sotomayor

    I’m glad you’re back!
    Warmest regards from Barcelona,

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