Want green policy? Then look to the right, not the left…

This article from the Telegraph’s new green guru, Geoffrey Lean (who does deserve the accolade) argues that conservatives have done more for the environment than left wingers.

There are some holes in his arguments, not least the rise of the left-leaning European Greens in the 1970’s and 1980’s, whom he gives little credit to.

These groups have generally had their environmental policy ideas stolen by mainstream politicians.

This is why the 15% vote for the greens in the 1989 European elections has never been topped.

But Lean is right that the political parties which have taken on green ideas in practice, have been more conservative than liberal in many cases.

We argued, in our policy suggestions to the UK Conservative Party last year that the right should re-take corporate responsibility as an issue from the left.

There’s a summary article of our report here.

This should not deflect credit from NGOs in driving up labour standards and pushing hard on environmental issues. But many of these claim no political affiliation.


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