Wall Street Journal jumps on WikiLeaks bandwagon

The WSJ and WikiLeaks are generally seen to be at opposite ends of the media spectrum.

But that hasn’t stopped the Journal, embarrassed by missing the front end of many recent events (financial crisis, what looming crisis?) creating its own version, known as SafeHouse, in typically conservative WSJ style.

This is a potentially significant development, according to the corporate-owned freedom campaigner Huffington Post.

But I wonder, is it really? I mean, it’s just a simple document upload system in the end. If you are a determined leaker, you would just upload your docs to SendSpace or one of the others, then email various media outlets with the leak from an anonymous Yahoo or other account. So this save you two minutes on Yahoo!.com and means you will only leak to one outlet.

The other way of looking at it, of course, is that it means leaking has gone ‘mainstream’.

Al-Jazeera already has their own version.

If the WSJ want your company/government’s confidential documents for stories and are being pro-active about it, that’s going to encourage all the other media outlets to do the same.

Which means the public knowledge about the increased security of leaking may well encourage others to do a bit of a Bradley Manning on various companies.

It hasn’t happened yet, despite folks like us hyping up the risks a bit. But that doesn’t mean it won’t at some point soon.

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