Video on garment industry factory improvements

For readers interested in textile/garment supply chains and factories in Bangladesh, this video may be worth ten minutes of your time.

It tells the story of a garment industry worker and the different that factory improvements have made to her life, and that of her family.

It’s interesting but also frustrating. It could have focused much more on how factory improvements work and the barriers that the company involved, New Look, have overcome.

Nevertheless, if the garment industry is of interest, it’s worth 10 minutes of your life. 

It’s also below:

Ethical Corporation is holding a conference on issues like this in a few weeks time in London.

There will be no PowerPoints. Just practical discussions and sharing of ways to help suppliers run smarter businesses, and become more sustainable as a result. 

 The event website is here.

Here’s a useful report on improving working conditions in factories and fields.

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