UK readers: A short video on an essential charity that needs your support

I’ve blogged before on this very innovative charity in London, set up by Simon Marcus back in 2006.

As a trustee I know just how much good it does in taking potential gang members off the streets and helping them get their lives – and education – back on track.

Sainsbury’s have been an important supporter, as have other organisations including the Guardian newspaper. But we need more corporate financial support.

If you’d like to know more or donate, go here.

Here’s a video made by some of the kids at the Academy, about what it does for their lives:

The Boxing Academy has an amazing record of changing the lives of young adults.

The model is unique, and needs your support. So if you are wondering where your company should donate to in 2012/13, and you want to really make a difference in deprived communities such as Tottenham and Hackney, this is the charity to support.

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