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Top ten US companies in terms of reputation, apparently…

According to Harris Interactive, the top ten corporate with the best reputations in the US are:

1) Apple
2) Google
3) The Coca-Cola Company
5) Kraft Foods
6) The Walt Disney Company
7) Johnson & Johnson
8) Whole Foods Market
9) Microsoft
10) UPS

Other findings include: “There is a strong perception that corporate America’s reputation is on the wane”, which will be a surprise to you all of course.

And that: “3 in “Reputation Rehab” – GM, Toyota and BP – have gained strongly on Emotional Appeal and Social Responsibility”. Not sure what BP have done there, but perhaps I missed a meeting. Perhaps this is credit for their clean up work in the Gulf of Mexico.

Also: “Technology enjoys reputation dominance; Government lands in last place behind the Tobacco industry”. Does this simply tell us how poisonous the political landscape has become in the US recently, I’m not sure. US readers may have a view.

Possibly the most interesting thing about the whole ‘report’ is the incredibly opaque methodology described in the “methodological Overview” section. See if you can make sense of it, I couldn’t.


  1. Anonymous

    Johnson and Johnson!!! Are you kidding me? With over 5,000 lawsuits for faulty metal hips, a congressional hearing on poor manufacturing practices and dozens of product recalls?

  2. Contrast this list with Forbes' by the Reputation Institute: Amazon, Kraft, J & J, 3M, Kellogg's, UPS, Fedex, Sara Lee, Google, and Walt Disney.

  3. Ron, thanks, but why?

  4. Hmmm. I am going to have to agree with the first poster here, that Johnson and Johnson seems a bit out of place, I have also got raised eyebrows over Kraft too.

    I would say these are well known and recognized names for certain, but I wonder where they stack on terms of ethics. Mind you I saw a list not so long ago of the Worst companies in terms of ethnics and Monsanto was listed as the worst, which did not surprise me at all. Anyhow I guess there are lots of things to rate companies and businesses on, but it seems to me these were just ranked on being "known" or recognized.
    Good blog though, not criticizing you, just saying the list is wacky.