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Tech, innovation and sustainability: How can big food and retailers hit their targets?

Big food and FMCG brands and retailers have set important and game-changing targets in sustainable agriculture.

Achieving these are amongst the biggest challenges that companies face in the next decade. Much has been done in recent years, but we’re a long way from overall success.

So how will companies get there ‘on time’?

Which techniques, technologies and innovations are going to move the dial, and get companies to credible reporting, and acclaim, on progress?

To debate these most vital of topics, we’ve brought together some of the key leaders in the space for a special, focused conference, later this year.

Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture: How science and technology can help business meet sustainable agriculture objectives’ will take place in Washington DC, 17-18 November.

This is an off-the-record, debate driven conference. It’s specifically designed to look at how business can most efficiently improve sustainable agriculture production, raise yields and deliver against company objectives, using technology and real innovation.

For a brief overview of the speakers and agenda, see here.

What we’ll cover on 17-18 November:

  • Can industrial agriculture be sustainable?Are new technologies, techniques and innovations changing both perception and reality on this issue?
  • How innovation helps you hit targets:agriculture has a huge role to play in reducing global GHG emissions, discover how leading companies are cutting emissions with innovation and new thinking
  • Genetic engineering, editing and modification: hear how mainstreaming can change production, improving yields and resilience – and the concerns of stakeholders
  • Sustainable sourcing: why company commitments around some agricultural commodities are ahead of others, and learn what tech can help you catch up
  • Waste management: find out how waste is being dealt with at farm-level and throughout supply chains, and what innovative solutions companies are coming up with to improve management

Amongst those already confirmed to participate are senior executives from Unilever, Bunge, United Suppliers, Smithfield, Environmental Defense Fund, Syngenta, The Consumer Goods Forum and more.

If you would like to attend, the event is now open for delegate registrations. You can sign up here to save $500 at the launch rate.

We are still adding speakers and sponsors over the course of the coming weeks so please get in touch with Eilidh below if you are interested in being involved or if you have any questions.


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