Sweden’s Kristianstad is a bright spot post-Cancun

Despite the fact that climate diplomats declared Cancun got negotiations back on track, most businesses are pretty disappointed at the global political failure to offer them surety over climate change regulation and carbon pricing.

That failure to date was perhaps somewhat inevitable. But the politicans are right: Some progress is better than none.

And the results may throw up some surprises, as Paul Hohnen notes in this free-to-all column for Ethical Corp recently. More of our recent coverage, on refrigerant gases, is here.

Amidst this relative gloom around progressive global climate issues, this New York Times story offers a ray of hope.

It’s about Kristianstad in Sweden, and their work towards less reliance on fossil fuels. The community of some 80,000 is using “potato peels, manure, used cooking oil, stale cookies and pig intestines”, amongst other sources, to generate grid-based energy.

Of course, those progressive Swedes have a big head start, seeing as they began to get their energy act together twenty years before most of the rest of us woke up and said “Oops, energy crisis, damn”.

But I’d urge you to take a look at the article, even if you live in the the UK or US, where energy policy is a mockery of a shambles.

It certainly cheered me up at bit. Just look at what we can do if we get organised and plan ahead. Hold the front page… 🙂

For more on sustainable business in Sweden, section one of our recent briefing, published in the Dec/Jan edition of Ethical Corporation, is here.

Greener power, yes, its possible, we just need a plan, some incentives, and some backbone.

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