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Sustainable innovation: Can Branson recycle waste into jetfuel?

Let’s hope he can. Branson/Virgin’s plan is to capture “waste gases from 65% of the world’s steel mills, capturing, fermenting and chemically converting it for use as a jet fuel.”

Here’s the 50 second video on how it might work: (Click on link at end if email subscriber to this blog)

The objective is to halve the emissions from jet fuel. And the timescale?
“Within three years we aim to fly Virgin Atlantic planes with the new fuel on flights from Shanghai to London and Delhi to London, and to follow this with operations in the UK and the rest of the world.’

Isn’t it amazing what we can make possible when we put some time, money, thought and focus into sustainability innovation?

Show this to your CEO, or at least the highest-level manager you can reach, today.