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Sustainable business innovation in action: Nike and waterless dyes

Here’s a great story about how sustainability and innovation can work hand in hand: “Color It Green: Nike to Adopt Waterless Textile Dyeing“.

This is particularly significant considering that: “Textile coloring and treatment accounts for between 17 percent and 20 percent of global industrial pollution, according to The World Bank, including 72 toxic chemicals in water solely from textile dyeing, 30 of which are cannot be removed using conventional treatment techniques.”

The only worrying thing about all this is how far ahead the leadership companies, such as Nike, are compared with other firms in their sector or related industries.

That leadership gulf between the best and the rest seems to be growing.

On the positive side, the technology will be tested and available to all, at the right price, so some firms will be able to leapfrog a generation and utilise these kinds of technologies, whilst Nike benefits from first-mover advantage.

Fingers crossed anyhow.