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Sustainability trends insight: Are you overwhelmed or enthused?

I don’t know about you, readers, but I’m finding almost impossible to keep up with all the new information coming out on business and sustainability.

I’ve got a folder called “new reports” which fills up daily with a new piece of research or policy from someone or other significant.

Perhaps I ought to start a service that summarises these and puts out a weekly digest for a fee.

Here’s what’s on the reading list right now:

WBCSD’s A vision for sustainable consumption

Ethical Corporation’s Smart Strategy for Sustainable Business report
Forum for the Future’s Consumer Futures 2020
Accenture/Vodafone’s Connected Agriculture report
Ethical Corporation’s State of Responsible Business in Europe report
Cone/Echo’s 2011 CR opportunity study
Ipsos-Mori’s Reputation Council Insight and Ideas, October 2011
Ethical Corporation’s November 2011 edition
Let me know if I’ve missed anything of significance that’s out there. Busy times!
One thing that’s interesting about most of the above is they are all more ‘offensive’ than ‘defensive’. 
Perhaps that’s a positive sign of how the leading companies are moving from risk management to opportunity. 
Or it could be we’re all trying even harder to make a business case for new thinking in difficult times.