Sustainability training workshops series

Here are six workshops that might be useful for internal training for your company:

  1. How to Engage with NGOs and Campaign Groups
  2. How to Train Marketing and Communication Teams in Sustainability
  3. How to Engage the Board in Governance, Strategy and Sustainability
  4. Crisis Management, Reputation, CSR and Sustainability
  5. How Leading Companies Engage Employees in Sustainability and CSR
  6. How Companies Engage and Train Buyers in Sustainability 

In these I combine case study research, real life examples, and ‘experiental learning’ to help customer companies understand the business case, get up to speed with what leading companies are doing, and think of ways to innovate in policy, process and corporate and individual performance.

These workshops are tried and tested.

You can see what some of the customers think by clicking here, and scrolling down to the “testimonials” part.

More information is also on my other website at www.stakeholderintel.com

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