Sustainability, systems, resilience and…Salmon.

The front cover of the Financial Times may have given us a glimpse of the future this week.

The story?

Salmon farmers go for veggie option

The FT piece says that: “…a confluence of economics, markets, and environmental factors is transforming the $11bn-a-year farmed salmon industry – and forcing a radical change of diet.”

Fishmeal prices, driven by shortages and climate change, are going through the roof, they say:

“The effort to replace proteins from fish with plants, such as soyabean and sunflower seeds started about 20 years ago, but has accelerated recently as fishmeal prices have risen sharply. They have risen 60 per cent from a year ago and almost 3.5 times in a decade.”

According to some readers of the FT though, vegetarian salmon will both taste differently, and have fewer health benefits.

If the FT is right, and their reader is correct, we’ll see some fundamental shifts in how – and why – we eat soon.

If inputs are rising by 3.5 times, then eventually consumer costs must too, so some theories say.

On the other hand, people have said this since the late 1960s.

Technology will play a key role, as ever, in determining whether we can continue to enjoy healthy Salmon as cheaply as we do today. We will find out soon enough.

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