Sustainability and corporate innovation: six key lessons

Here’s an interesting short-ish video on how CEOs can drive innovation into their business.

The interviewee, INSEAD Professor Hal Gregersen, talks about how:

1) Innovation by leading companies is CEO-led, not delegated. It becomes everybody’s job.

2) Leading innovators talk to all kinds of people, not just colleagues.

3) Innovators never stop asking questions about how the world works, and why.

4) Purpose is an incredibly important driver: companies are now increasingly re-thinking the reasons for their existence.

5) Only a third of our ability to innovate is DNA-driven: The rest must be, and can be learned.

6) Investors value innovation in business. They put a premium on what they believe innovative companies will do tomorrow.

He names Salesforce.com, Google, Apple, and a firm called Intuitive Surgical as some of the top business innovators.

Gregersen also names Natura, the Brazilian naturally-focused cosmetics firm, who work with local communities to develop products.

Here’s an article we published on the company a couple of years back,

And here are some more videos from INSEAD. Some of them are quite good.

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  1. Prof S P Garg

    Prof Gregersenhas lucidly covered the ingredients of Innovation and its replicability in organizations.In India, various companies, viz Tata, Wipro, Infosys to name a few have been known for vtheir creativity and innovations.

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