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Supply chain risk, how to get useful insight for your business

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At Innovation Forum we’re now helping companies understand risk in a cost effective way, that’s not just through edgy, focused conferences which get to the heart of the issues.

Several companies has asked us to provide them with a quarterly, cost effective risk briefing service via PDF report, and face to face meetings.

These focus on what matters for individual companies in terms of sustainable supply chain risks by commodity or issue, on what’s coming down the road (those unknown unknowns) and what other companies are doing to address them.

We also look at what the campaigners are up to, and where they are, or will be, focusing their efforts.

So here’s some information about that service, just below, or you can click here for the one pager.

We’re not trying to be full service consultants, but given we have access to cutting edge insight, via our events, contacts, research and long experience, we thought we’d make a new service available, beyond the events themselves.

So here it is below and here.

If you are interested in discussing what our risk insight service can do for you, just let me know onĀ