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Superb article on companies, sourcing, and human rights

Every now and again you come across the kind of article you wish you’d written. Or at least had a hand in publishing.

This is definitely one of them. A must read for all readers of this blog.

It may not tell you anything you didn’t already know, but it frames the evolving challenge with great clarity.

I’ve blogged for years and bored people for longer, waffling on about the importance of institutional capacity building.

Most people glaze over when you mention it. And companies back away, usually terrified (rightly) when you talk about their future role here. It’s immensely problematic. But what choice will we have? Read this, before you think about that much more:

The Myth of the Ethical Shopper. It’s really, really worth 10 minutes of you time. Trust me on that.

Then, if you are convinced (and you should be), you could take a look at this paper I wrote some years ago, which talks about potential solutions and tackling the issues around them.

If we want to create lasting solutions to the social and environmental problems we all care about, engagement in this area of institutional capacity building, as dry and academic as it sounds, is really the most effective way.


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