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Social performance, FMCG firms and consumers, and SRI investors

 Here’s three new podcasts I’ve taped in the last week. One of them at least, may be of interest.

Social performance in supply chains: A podcast on the state of play

Craig Moss, director of corporate programs and training at Social Accountability International, speaks with Toby Webb about how social supply chain engagement is evolving in 2011, and why he thinks Timberland, Disney and Gap are leading the field

Big brands and consumers: PepsiCo on how FMCG brands can take product sustainability to the next level

Robert ter Kuile, senior director environmental sustainability and global public policy at PepsiCo previews a new report on how brands can and will respond to the sustainable consumption agenda

Investors and reporting: Why your shareholders care, and what they want to hear

Mike Tyrell, editor of SRI-Connect, tells Toby Webb that big shareholders want sustainability information, just in a different way