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Skanska USA: A good example of progressive CEO communications

Companies have been speaking out on social and environmental issues for a long time.

The problem is, not often enough. At last in the positive, truly progressive sense.

There’s been a (partly) understandable reticence for CEOs to do this.

Who wants to make that career-limiting speech that later comes back to haunt you?

Look at how BP has been derided for “Beyond Petroleum” marketing that turned out to be only that.

But as sustainability becomes part of business strategy in some companies, the need to speak out increases.

Skanska’s US CEO has done just that on greener building standards in the Washington Post.

Read the short piece, and you can see why.

It’s a great example of the kind of stance forward-thinking companies will soon be taking to defend their hard earned market positions and investments.

Younger CEOs, as they come through the ranks to the top, will have less issue with doing this kind of thing.

That’s my prediction to chew on over the weekend anyhow. 

More please.