Six days until we hit seven billion people: Five things business can do to help

The World Population Clock tell us this is so.

If nothing else it’s a milestone that should help us think hard.

Think hard about what the role of sustainable business should be in a world with that many people in.

When it comes to big macro issues such as population companies often struggle in terms of ‘taking a position’.

As well they might. What can they say? Issue a press release about “Short term opportunity and long term resource threat”?

That’s not really appropriate. On issues such as this, actions speak louder than words.

Actions such as:

  1. Supporting independent research on what population growth will mean for resource scarcity
  2. Joining competitors, peers and industry groups to express concern about this
  3. Work towards collaborative solutions that minimise waste and look at alternatives
  4. Being publicly honest about the outlook: Stop pretending that 8 billion people can all have iPhones
  5. Put greater pressure on politicians to understand the outlook – and incentivise solutions. Call it good lobbying, or call it self interest. On resource scarcity, it’s often the same thing

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