Sexing up the magazine, via the blog?

Peter (EC political editor) and I had lunch yesterday with a good contact of ours who suggested we spice things up in the magazine and on the website a bit.

Rather than carrying dubious personal classifieds (‘green swingers’ etc) we thought instead we’d start an anonymous column focusing on a bit of gossip here and there, the juicy little anecdotes that are of interest to most.

Here’s a few tasters: Which COO of a major multinational bank cuts off the ties of employees that offend him, and won’t let anyone in his sight carry a bag WITHOUT a corporate logo on it? Answers in comment perhaps?

And which top retailer’s cracking CR manager has a new head of comms who just doesn’t get it at all. Will the CEO intervene before the talent leaves? Time will tell.

We’re playing around with a name for the new section. CSRBitch was rejected immediately. Perhaps fellow editors and readers might suggest some?

Toby, Editor.

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