Seeking eco-innovative SMEs in emerging economies for UNEP report

I’m writing a report for the United Nations Environment Programme on eco-innovation in SMEs in emerging markets.

It’s a fairly niche area but I know there’s some great work being done out there.

If you know of any example, or have a supplier that fits the bill, please do let me know.

The report is going to be a fairly big deal for both UNEP and the European Commission, it should get a fair bit of attention.

So if you have a supplier or contact in a company that should be featured, it will be excellent PR for them, and for you if they supply your company. You could mention their being featured, in your sustainability report, for example.

Here’s the spiel about the report:

Call for case studies: The Business Case for Eco-innovation: Resource Efficiency and Eco-Innovation in Developing and Transition Economies

A United Nations Environment Programme led, European Commission funded Report, forthcoming in Spring 2013.

This report will improve awareness and understanding of the benefits, opportunities and challenges for the private sector to engage in eco-innovation, in particular in the agri-food, metals and chemicals sectors.

What do we mean by Eco-Innovation?

The development and application of a new or significantly improved product (good or service) or process, a new organization method or a new business practice that will lead to improved economic and environmental performance.

Examples of eco-innovation efforts include significant shifts to resource efficient business models, focus on product life cycles to integrate environmental strategies and management systems and/or closed loop, circular production systems in which discarded products are used as new resources for production.

The report authors are seeking case studies from small and medium sized companies (SMEs) engaged in eco-innovation.

We ask any interested parties to contact us to arrange interviews on: toby.webbATstakeholderintel.com

Strong eco-innovation case studies will be showcased in the report, other relevant project publications as well as the UNEP and European Commission websites

About the final report:

The report will highlight the financial, market and social benefits and motivation to implement eco-innovation.

It will feature and is aimed at SMEs in developing countries and economies in transition and larger companies who are working with SMEs in their supply chain.

The specific objective is to interpret trends of businesses and build a strong business case that will attract the private sector towards the application of eco-innovative business models.

The report will demonstrate the financial implications of the transformations required as well as clearly demonstrating the economic benefits that an eco-innovative focused business model provides.

To contribute to this report, please contact Toby Webb on Toby.WebbATstakeholderintel.com or on +44 (0) 7867 416 646

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  1. You should check the portfolios of New Ventures, the SME incubator for Sustainability present in Brazil, Mexico and India (and perhaps other countries I am not aware of.
    Specifically in Brazil, the Innovation on Value Chains platform hosted by FGV (business school) and funded by Citi Foundation has 11 SME cases mapped:
    Good luck! Gustavo Pimentel

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