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Rising employee expectations in numbers

Browsing through the World Economic Forum’s website, I just saw that:

“…Earlier this week, Deloitte announced the results of a global survey, conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), of business leaders’ attitudes on the purpose, impact, and leadership of business on society.”

Apparently, among business leaders:

“76% believe the value of a company should be measured by the positive contribution its core business makes to society, as well as by its profits.

73% believe that their core business activities make a positive contribution to society.”

Deloitte’s CEO also says that:

“…we asked more than 1,000 Deloitte member firm “Millennials” (employees joining eleven Deloitte member firms who were born after 1981) for their views.

52% believe that in the future, business, more than any other area of society, will achieve the greatest impact in solving society’s biggest challenges.

92% believe that the success of a business should be measured by more than just profit, suggesting that a company’s “societal purpose” is a key priority and expectation of the Millennial generation.”

So there we have it, more evidence of the business case for CR, and rising expectations on companies, particularly from well educated employees.

No great surprises in any of this, but more stats are always useful.

More on the WEF at Davos is here.