Re-inventing the CSR/sustainability conference

Unaccustomed as I am to hyperbole (until the second glass of red or espresso) I would like to suggest you make a note in your diary of something amazing that’s coming up in May 2013.

It’s the Responsible Business Summit, in London on May 7-8.

It will be the best ever conference from Ethical Corporation.

We’re aiming to re-invent the format, and the types of discussions at the event.

Interactivity, spontaneity, meeting and learning are the watchwords for 2013. Tired cliches? Not this time.

We’re going to get deep into which real, market changing, systemic collaborations will work, and then the details, challenges and opportunities.

I can’t wait: Finally, a conference that gets involved, rather than stands back and reflects.

Consultant numbers will be heavily restricted. PowerPoint will be banned. Crowd sourcing and engagement, not sitting and listening, will be the name of the game. Solutions will be created, problems shared.

More details will be revealed next week. The conference really will be a doozy.

Put May 7-8 2013 in your diary. It belongs there.

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