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Quick update: Training, stakeholder engagement, executive education and emerging markets

A few readers asked me for a concise update of some of the things I have coming up through my various business interests. 
So here’s a few resources for you that may be of use:
1) We run CR training workshops all over the world, and have done for 10 years. We can send details if you like. One example is here.
2) We also run an online training business in CR and stakeholder engagement. Details here.
(we can also create bespoke training courses for your company, face to face, or online) I run this business with Mallen Baker)
3) I also work with Wayne Dunn and he and I are collaborating on this forthcoming executive education programme which covers stakeholder engagement in details in Accra in early April.
4) We are running a stakeholder engagement and development programme as an Exec Ed programme at the University of London on June 17-18 which may look a little like this.
(it will be more focused on Africa and emerging market stakeholders than this one which was about strategy, and it will be just two days not three, so priced appropriately) 
5) Innovation Forum is our new business which focuses on ‘lean’ (emerging) markets and business conditions, sustainability and investment. Our Ghana Sustainable Investment Forum is on June 19 in London. We’ve also set up a new blog to support this work: The Lean Markets and Innovation blog. Sign up for updates from it here.

If any readers would you’d like to have a call to discuss any of this do let me know. 

A happy weekend to all.