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Patagonia continue to blaze a trail on sustainability innovation

Now available used

Alongside having my favourite corporate website of all time on transparency, Patagonia has some new ideas about sustainable consumption. Read about them here.

Briefly, the idea is to “enable consumers to resell their used Patagonia apparel via the Common Threads Initiative within eBay. In addition, consumers will now be able to resell their used Patagonia apparel on a new Used Clothing & Gear section on Patagonia’s website”.

The article linked to above has some interesting analysis of the pros and cons of this new approach.

Here’s another example of collaborative sustainability innovation from Marks & Spencer. 

Collaboration and behaviour change are the new terms for what we do in this field, and about time too.

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  1. I do love this idea. Love Patagonia. Here is another company doing similarly, Filippa K clothing in Sweden: Granted, not as globally known in the least, nor do they have the same thorough sustainable plan, but it is worthy of mention.