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Our research on plastics says these are the most salient issues

Plastics and their impacts are everywhere in the news these days. Most recently alarming news about rocky coastlines on islands covered in plastic, what’s being called “plasticrust”. Scary stuff. But as we know solving the problem is not all about just business. It’s about much more than that, including infrastructure, incentives, and much much more. We’re trying to do our bit by bringing together business to discuss how companies across the value chain can make important contributions to solving the challenges. More on that below.

In short, our research on plastics says these are some of the most salient issues today, when it comes to business:

  1. Sustainable plastics and the next generation: What are the expectations, and how do we get there in reality
    Circular economy: Fundamental steps we need to take to reach a closed loop industry
  2. The role of government: How can government help and enable business in the fight against plastic pollution, and where does their responsibility end?
  3. Finance and funding: How do we create sustainable funding models for innovation?
  4. Consumer expectations vs consumer reactions: What we know so far about the response to sustainable plastic alternatives
  5. Investor criteria: What investors want to see from your plastic policies
  6. Product design and R&D: How to increase recycled content without compromising the integrity of your product
  7. Defining extended producer responsibility: How far will it go?
  8. Technology and partnerships: What are the disruptive innovations and technologies that could implement a sustainable plastics economy
  9. Engaging marketing: How to work with and engage marketing departments to influence consumer behaviour around plastics

This is research we’ve done (desk, telephone research) for Innovation Forum’s upcoming conference: The Future of Plastics (30th-31st October, Amsterdam).

And here’s some recent interviews and discussions we’ve convened on plastics and sustainability, that might be of interest:

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With plastics hysteria growing, the upcoming conference on Oct 30-31 will focus on practical, scalable and attainable solutions to the challenges surrounding plastics. Over the two days, we will equip business delegates with the guidance to develop and implement strategies for reducing plastic footprints, and making the right plastics sustainable.

You can see an overview of the key themes here:

You can view the full agenda here.
So far, we already have speakers confirmed from Coca-Cola European Partners, Ocado, Plastics Europe, Unilever, M&G Investments, Nestle, BVRio (3R Initiative), Walgreen’s Boots Alliance, Tarkett, Reckitt Benckiser, Braskem, Ball Corporation, Werner & Mertz and more.

If interested in being involved, contact:

Narni Brooke-Adil | Project Director

Innovation Forum: Events and Insights for Sustainability

+44 (0) 203 780 7435