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One key question for the progressive CEO

Actually three questions around one theme: Engagement in uncomfortable, yet vitally important new areas that can lead to the systems reform we so desperately need for a more sustainable world to live in.

Here’s my mini series around the core theme of lasting, better systems change:

  1. What are the emerging corporate roles in inefficient
    framework/policy/incentive reform?
  2. How do we make better systems
    together without individual or sector rent-seeking causing more harm
    than good?
  3. And how do we do this without relying on consumers to give us a short term business case? Or perhaps any business case?

My imperfect answer: Through better research-based, common
positions hammered out by stronger representative groups.

This can happen through more
progressive former CEOs such as Peter Bakker at the WBCSD taking member and industry groups to
a much higher and more collaborative and transparent level.

What say you?


  1. Thomas Lingard

    Toby, I think you are spot on. I think we need to redefine leadership in corporate sustainability to include a preparedness to engage, or campaign even, to secure the changes in the policy frameworks necessary for a sustainable future. So much so that I'm putting together a blog on this specific issue. It's work in progress, but check it out at . Thoughts and comments welcome from you and your readers.

  2. Thanks Thomas, blog looks good. I've signed up and will highlight the blog to readers.

    Let's catch up soon, its been a while.