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One glimpse of how technology might help stop deforestation

This is a cool idea, if it can work: Can Upcycled Smartphones Help Stop Illegal Rainforest Logging?

The idea is that old Android smartphones will be turned “into solar-powered listening stations that can detect the noise of chainsaws in real-time and then send an alert (via GSM) to local agencies so they can mobilize and catch loggers in the act.”

“The San Francisco-based startup, called Rainforest Connection, has partnered with the Zoological Society of London for the project. If it gets funded, the plan is to initially deploy devices that are capable of protecting 200 to 300 kilometres of forest in the canopy of rainforests in Africa and Brazil this year.”

Interesting idea, if it can work at scale.

That’s the challenge for these very cool ideas we’re seeing on platforms such as KickStarter.

Technology that works is one thing. A successful pilot is another. Making 100,000 units, or whatever, last and make a lasting difference, is the true mark of success. Let’s hope this one works.

For more ‘traditional’ but well funded efforts to tackle deforestation by large companies around the world, take a look here.