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Older talent engagement and the missed opportunity

I see lots of tweets about how we must engage Millennials in sustainability.

That’s true, we must. 
But what about older talent? I’m thinking of say, baby boomers.
Lots of them have or are just, retiring. 
Many of them are highly talented people, but as young(ish) retirees who will have another 10, 15, 20+ years of active life, how many are helping in their communities?
Plenty, but how many more could be persuaded? 
How many are helping educate Millennials whom, in many cases, won’t ever get their level of free or cheaper education?
How many are mentoring younger people online? Or advising small businesses?
I see a lot of talent out there that’s not being used. 
How can we harness it? 
Perhaps one way is for companies to include engaging with the recently retired yet highly active demographic in their community outreach plans and objectives.
We could mend broken systems, or better still, come up with new ones, if we harnessed talent.
And on a local level, what could all that harnessed knowledge and experience do in communities, on ground level?
Not everyone wants to be, or should be, on the town or village council, but that doesn’t mean we can’t tap into their wisdom and knowledge in other ways, particularly using technology.