Nitrogen, an unknown factor in global warming?

This very interesting article from the Discovery Channel, hosted on MSNBC, asks what could be an important question:

What happens when nitrogen is factored into global warming models?

According to the article, this is not happening at the moment in the best known climate models. And as a result, warming could be a more serious problem than some think.

“Of all the 11 models the IPCC will be using in its next report, not a single one has yet to consider nitrogen limitation”, says one academic.

“The researcher’s results indicate that global warming has been underestimated. In the worst-case scenario, they found that nearly 300 billion tons of carbon could stay aloft in our atmosphere between 1900 and 2100 because of plants’ lack of access to nitrogen — enough to warm the planet an additional 1.19 degrees centigrade (2.14 degrees Fahrenheit)”

Worrying findings, if credible. For the full story, go here.

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UPDATE: 7/1/09 – This Scientific American article suggests that the volcanic rock basalt could be a partial solution for the concerns of those worried about carbon capture and storage. The idea is that: “…the rock both stores CO2 and, over a relatively short period of years, forms carbonate minerals with it—in other words, limestone.”

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