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New palm oil sustainability debate site launched

I’ve been working with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil for a while on the notion of open debate about responsible and sustainable palm oil.

I think a forum is needed where all the views are aired and we can get into some granular, practical detail.

Today, I’m very happy to tell you we’ve set up

“We” is Mallen Baker and I, and our site editor, Nadine Hawa, a former CNBC journalist who has spent several years specialising in sustainability, together of course, with the good folks at the RSPO.

The site is a forum for debate on palm oil. Anyone can take part, and we’ll be asking all sides of the debate for constant input on all issues around sustainable palm oil.

The idea here is to bring together the key players: Business, forestry campaigners, consumer awareness groups, conservationists, scientists, policy makers, interested individuals, and anyone else.

The idea is to have an online forum for discussion of the issues.

We’ve developed an editorial calendar of issues to cover each month, and the site will be updated weekly.

So take a look. It’s early days of course, so give it a chance.

You can sign up for the weekly update on the site via email.

We’re asking readers to lean forward and engage, as much as sit back and watch, so join us on the site at

Look forward to comments and emails. Have a good day all.