New in-depth briefings on Germany, Copenhagen and China

At this link you can find our new briefings page.

So far, in our new format of 2-4 briefings per month, we’ve looked at how corporate responsibility is developing in Germany, and the business and climate change environment after Copenhagen.

We’ve also got a big special report on how climate change is changing the global car industry, with some useful summaries of what the big companies are doing. More on that, here.

In the next edition of our print magazine, there’s a country briefing on China and a management briefing on how heavy industry is responding to ethical demands globally.

If any blog readers would like a copy of one of these, send me an email to toby.webb@ethicalcorp.com and I’ll email one of them to you.

Subscribers to Ethical Corporation will get all of these included, ten times a year. So that will be 20-30 briefings a year. Not bad eh? Especially if you consider the online prices, which are pretty reasonable for what you get, we think.

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