New FT special on greener tech adds to confusion

Yes, I know I’ve argued before that CSR terminology doesn’t matter any more.

But as I suggested in a previous post, it is worrying that so many companies see sustainability only as a green issue.

That matters.

The Financial Times, read by everyone with serious decision making power in your boardroom, today re-enforces the accidental canard of green as sustainable in a special report on green tech (should be greener tech)

It’s a decent read for what it is.

But it’s not helpful when one of the leading newspapers misunderstands the very subject it purports to write about.

How do we change this? Leading companies must make the distinction clear in their communications, consistently.

There’s a business case for this: Why let competitors who are only greener free ride in your corporate wake when you’ve spent time and effort on being more holistic?

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