National variations in CR priorities

I was just looking through the latest print edition of Ethical Corporation’s June 2010 edition this morning and saw some numbers that you might find interesting.

Corporate responsibility should respond to local circumstances, our 2010 research has found. After surveying four countries, it’s evident that sustainability in practice differs substantially, depending on the local context.

German companies are vying for leadership in green technology and energy, and in positioning their company as a sustainability leader.

In South Africa, opportunistic companies are addressing energy efficiency, water management and education/technical skill development.

Community socio-economic support, water management and education are at the top prospects of Indian sustainability professionals.

Professionals operating in China prioritise opportunities through collaboration with stakeholders, specifically civil society and with leading corporations

We asked hundreds of our readers which three activities consume the majority of their time.

Here’s what they said:

52% reporting
42% performance measurement
38% partnerships and collaboration

50% partnerships and collaboration
33% energy efficiency
33% performance management

41% community engagement
33% reporting
28% employee engagement

South Africa
52% reporting
33% community engagement
28% performance measurement

You can get a PDF of these findings below:

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