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“Most innovative” companies ranked by consultants BCG, who ignore own research…

Lots of tech companies, unsurprisingly

More on all this, here.

Sustainability issues and innovations don’t seem to be taken into account, at least as far as one can tell.

Odd considering BCG consultants seem to regard themselves as sustainability experts too.

Look at this recent report they co-authored, the Innovation Bottom Line, all about sustainability. How odd.

It’s incredible how good big consultancies seem to be at er, everything out there.

They must be so clever. McKinsey, for example, were smart enough to create Enron, how impressive.

There aren’t too many surprises in the above list, except perhaps a general one that we could regard comparisons between Starbucks and China Petroleum on innovation, or anything else, as credible.

It’s very odd that the ‘traditional’ innovation people at BCG cannot speak with their sustainability colleagues.

Sound familiar?