The missed opportunity of iTunes for CR communications

People learn in different ways. One of my favourite ways is by listening.

It seems to add that human element to learning which makes things stick more easily in the memory, for me anyway.

Other people seem to agree, given the popularity of podcasts on Ethicalcorp.com, the only site for which I have stats to hand as I write this.

iTunes is the most popular place to sign up to them all in one place, as far I as know.

But if you search for “corporate responsibility” on iTunes only two corporate podcasts come up. (The same goes for CSR, spelt out in full)

One is from HP, which doesn’t download any episodes if you sign up.

The second is from Sainsbury’s, and is an investor relations podcast from a few months ago. It has nothing to do with corporate responsibility.

I wonder if this is a missed opportunity for corporate responsibility communications by large companies.

They could have their heads of CR interviewed on their progress by a credible external stakeholder and posted on iTunes with CR/CSR/Sustainability tags.

Quick, easy and accessible. I wonder why so few companies are doing this?

I’d guess it’s a combination of lack of resources in CR departments and scarcity of ideas about using new media channels in those departments.

A missed opportunity to date.

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