Lessons for the CSR marketers out there

Fast Company has an interesting piece, humbly entitled: “6 Lessons From the Best Marketing Campaign Ever”.

Take a look.

I also agree with the author, Rohit Bhargava, with regards to this piece, when he says that:

“The most common “backlash” against company sponsored social media initiatives are the embarrassing sounds of crickets. No one visits and no one cares”

Check out the viewing stats (less than 1500) on Nestle’s saccharin “creating shared value” videos on YouTube.

And if you go here the viewing stats really plummet. To less than 200 in many cases.

Why? Because all the videos reek of corporate-speak, of overly friendly consultants.

Because there are no genuine, authentic stakeholder voices in there. No real challenge.

Better not to do social media at all, than to do it badly.

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