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Key stats from the Edelman Trust Barometer: Biz down, media up

Edelman’s mammoth annual survey has churned out some unsurprising results, perhaps with one exception:

“Trust in business fell globally from 56 percent to 53 percent, with countries like France and Germany, in the heart of the Eurozone economic crisis, experiencing double-digit decreases.

Lack of confidence in business spread to South Korea, where trust dropped 15 points.

China was the only country to see a significant increase in trust in business, rising from 61 to 71 percent.

CEO credibility declined 12 points to 38 percent, its biggest drop in nine years.

In South Korea and Japan, it dropped by 34 and 43 points, respectively.”

However, media trust has gone up, despite the ever-spreading hacking and tapping allegations in the UK, widely reported around the world:

“Media, the one institution to see an increase, saw its global trust level rise above 50 percent. It experienced significant regional upticks in India (20 points), the U.S. (18 points), the UK (15 points) and Italy (12 points).”

More on all this, here.

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