July 1 workshop on media relations and crisis management

For any blog readers who are are interested in the above topic, I’m leading a training workshop on July 1 in Brussels with corporate members of the Business Social Compliance Initiative.

This will be the second such workshop, and hopefully the second of many others. Together with my friend and colleague Brendan May, we held this workshop on June 1 at the BSCI’s offices in Brussels.

Here’s the link to check out if you are interested in coming along on July 1: Workshop for retailers on supply chains and media/crisis management, Brussels, July 1: http://bsci.uchrony.be/workshop.

The format is a simple one: we set the scene with a couple of presentations, and then put the group to work doing two things:

1) solving a current retailer problem, usually planning a crisis response and working on the longer term lessons
2) creating action plans to take back to the office to implement

From our June 1 initial workhop, it was obvious that one of the areas retailers need to focus on the most is engaging comms/CSR and supply chain managers on responses to both the ethics agenda and the media when something goes wrong. So that’s a key area of focus for our July 1 workshop in a couple of weeks.

If you are interested in seeing the presentation from June 1, on how to deal with the media when they come calling, just email me. Below is an embedded version of my slides.

Better still, do that and also considering booking for the day via the link above. For a non-member of BSCI it’s only 300 Euros to come along. And for members, even cheaper.

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