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CSR and Sustainability

Is there such a thing as a sustainable brand?

I don’t think there is.

Given consumers find sustainability too complex to reward companies for (and indeed, why should they?) surely the notion of a sustainable brand is wrong-headed.

The term smacks of greenwash to me.

It feels like a hangover from a decade ago.

We need sustainable companies, sustainable businesses, sustainable firms, whatever you call them.

Brands are part of companies for sure.

They are the front end.

But the big change that matters, the change that ultimately drives innovation and then trust, all happens out the back.


  1. Thanks Tobias.
    I very much agree with your premise and believe there are a number of leverage points involved. For us, the main pieces are capital and location but more specifically, Local Capital. We believe money invested locally has a higher chance of supporting a sustainable business than almost any other element. I connects people, community and businesses in ways traditional (or should I say current) models do not.

    The Community Sourced Capital model takes it one step further by asking the question….what if you let a business you cared about use a very little bit of your money for a limited amount of time and got it back but with no traditional interest. Not much different from loaning you neighbor your truck or lorry for a couple days. The model is working and more importantly to us, it is spinning conversations about what a thriving, connected, sustainable local community looks like. IMHO, it asks "is there a way to be smarter about our approach to business.

    Thanks for all the interesting stuff.

  2. I agree!