Is sustainability a safe career choice?

If this chart below is anything to go by, it ought to be.

MIT Sloan says after a recent survey: “According to the respondents, 70% of companies that have placed sustainability on their management agendas have done so in the past six years; 20% have done so in just the past two years. (See “The Sustainability Movement Nears a Tipping Point.”) Two-thirds of our respondents said that sustainability was critically important to being competitive in today’s marketplace, up from 55% in our 2010 survey.”

However, they also point out that:

“This rosy picture must be balanced against another set of data. Our survey findings suggest that most companies are struggling to define sustainability in a way that is relevant to their businesses. And while sustainability has made it onto many management agendas, responses indicate it ranks just eighth in importance among other agenda items.”

And then that:

“…sustainability is becoming a profitable opportunity for many organizations; about 31% of our respondents say their companies are currently profiting from sustainable business practices. Taken together, the data suggest that the sustainability movement is nearing a tipping point, the point at which a substantial portion of companies not only see the need for sustainable business practices but are also deriving financial benefits from these activities.”

There’s a lot more on all this here.

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