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Is eLearning and online training effective for sustainability, ethics and CR?

This is a good question.

The answer of course, is that it depends how it’s done.

Mostly that seems to be “badly”.

I’ve spent the last year or two looking at how others do this.

I’ve been largely unimpressed with the products and services out there.

It’s not easy. Effective online learning is hard to get right. It’s even harder to make it stick.

There’s a lot of multiple choice, tick box, drag this here, drag that there, type training.

That’s particularly true in ethics and compliance. At the other end of the spectrum, there’s ‘gamification’ whereby games and quizzes bring the issues to life.

But that’s not training, it’s awareness raising. A very different thing. Similarly most ethics and compliance training I have seen is not really training either, it’s just compliance.

To make training stick, you need to bring stories to life, present choices, make the trainee think for themselves, and respond openly, not just tick boxes. Not easy to do, as I said. 

Here’s a link to a recent post related to this: Some lessons learned from sustainability and CSR training 

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